Increase in Site Responsiveness


Increase in Site Traffic


Increase of Overall Site Performance


Dixie 4-Wheel is the go-to leader in 4-wheel drive products. Dixie was in a need of a site to accommodate their rapidly expanding e-commerce business of over 100,000 products and turned to DeCort Interactive’s Hosting division for its solution. This project was to be built upon the commonly available WooCommerce framework and at the time, there were few examples of large product catalogs available which created an interesting challenge for the DeCort team.


Our team of experienced developers rose to the challenge and began by optimizing the product import process to fully utilize the layout of the product information in the website’s database. The team then migrated the project website to PCI compliant e-commerce server hosting and created custom Ajax based plugins to minimize page load overhead. DeCort also implemented site-wide caching to fully maximize site performance. The result is a website with increased site responsiveness, overall increase to site performance and increased the number of products available to their site by 440%. Dixie 4-Wheel is now blazing trails on and off the road through with their robust 4-wheel product offering.

DeCort Interactive, Inc.

DeCort Interactive, Inc.