Dr. Matheson Harris is a board certified Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmic plastic (oculoplastic) surgeon who specializes in functional and cosmetic oculoplastic and facial surgery. He is a native of Utah and approached DeCort Interactive about his website. Dr. Harris’ site needed a new, modern feel to his site and was also looking to grow his online search presence.


Entry-level hosting created lag in the site’s page load speeds and organic search traffic was at an all-time low. An initial analytic assessment also showed potential Google violations and internet leads were down as a result of the previous SEO companies questionable strategy.


  • Performance Tuning

    We began by replatforming Harris’s legacy site to a new, multi-purpose WordPress theme to increase speed performance and to empower Harris employees to manage the site on their own. A new permalink structure was created, HTTPS  ssl certificates acquired and the correct use of “www” was implemented. The site’s UX/UI was updated with a new modern look and feel that encouraged a user-friendly experience across multiple screen sizes and browsers. Our performance tuning decreased site load speed to under 3 seconds per page.

Harris Mobile Navigation
  • Hosting

    Harris’s server environment was migrated to WP Engine which increased page load speeds and utilized CloudFlare to boost security measurements.

  • Search

    DeCort increased Harris’s organic search presence by shoring up their citations and adding new and improved page titles and meta descriptions. We also disbanded online associations that conflicted with Google’s quality assurance standards and implemented proper URL redirects.


SEO assessments were a key element to the success of Dr. Harris’s website. They create transparency, unearth areas for opportunity and assist with establishing the web design and development requirements.

3.14 seconds

Average Page Load Speed

up 80%

Organic Search
(year to date of best performing year)

DeCort Interactive, Inc.

DeCort Interactive, Inc.