NCSS’s company mission is to provide researchers, academics, advisers and scientists with statistical analysis software. Their goal is to offer software that is comprehensive but still intuitive and easy to use. DeCort was challenged with updating their website so it would reflect their business philosophy and product lines.

NCSS’s previous site imposed limitations on their ability to manage content. Users were overwhelmed with the abundance of wording, product options and the outdated feel of the landing pages and site navigation. Our challenge was to elevate the user experience and user interface of the site to create consistency with their company mission.


Our first task was to update the infrastructure of the site to a content management system (CMS) framework. We migrated their site to WordPress so NCSS would have control over content and user administrators. We also empowered search engine optimization (SEO).

We focused on creating a more intuitive and engaging user interface by rebranding their two main product logos. In addition to this, we created infographics to update the visual appeal of the site. The next challenge was to make the site easier to navigate. We achieved this by creating sub menus to visually focus NCSS’s content and included an industry section to appeal to all client channels.

To maintain their search engine optimization (SEO) strength, we thoroughly mapped the content through redirects from old URLs to new ones. We evaluated their keyword and meta description strength for their content and revised as needed to boost search relevancy.

Now, NCSS’s new site showcases their two main product lines without overwhelming the user, while increased search relevancy helps draw new, potential clients to their site.

“We have been working with DeCort Interactive for a number of years. Initially, they helped us through a complete redesign of our site, which turned out extremely well. Since then we have had a number of projects we have wanted for improvement to our site. In each case, DeCort Interactive has been very responsive, and has found a way to get even the unwieldy tasks done for our site. For example, not too long ago they helped us restructure our e-commerce back-end and store-front to make the buying process much easier for our customers. We have been very pleased with DeCort Interactive and plan to continue to use their services for all our website needs.”

DeCort Interactive, Inc.

DeCort Interactive, Inc.