Project Description

As an innovator of wellness products, USANA is continuously looking for new opportunities to help their clients achieve their wellness goals. An increasing community of affiliates and consumers are supported by USANA’s leadership and participation in health challenges and events, like the RESET Nation Challenge.

Our team at DeCort Interactive delights in a good challenge, both in and out of the office, and we were thrilled at the opportunity to partner with USANA. We were tasked with creating a website that would launch in 4 different countries. Participant registration needed to update in real time according to the user’s time zone. In addition to this, we had to create multi-level login verification systems and unique portfolios with private and public access to incorporate USANA’s affiliate program. In the end, we successfully supported USANA’s multi-lingual marketing effort, resulting in a long-term partnership between USANA and DeCort.

Full Service Offering

  • U/I

    Our challenge for the website was to encourage public access and registration without compromising the user experience for already existing affiliates of USANA. We accomplished this by placing content purposefully throughout the site in a minimalistic way. This provided the user all the information needed without feeling overwhelmed. Customized portfolios and registration processes were also incorporated to quickly and easily direct users to their customized dashboard.

  • Mobile Ready

    DeCort Interactive redesigned the look and feel of RESET’s site layout to promote mobile usage. We broke free of the traditional template box design and, instead, utilized a stretched full-screen layout. We implemented mobile menus and restructured content to be responsive across multiple platforms.

  • Web Development

    USANA’s RESET Nation Challenge was launching in 4 different countries. To support USANA’s efforts, we provided a multi-language site with rolling time zones to manage participant login deadlines.

Ready, Set, Participate


The DeCort team created a user dashboard that is clean and easy to navigate which encourages user participation.

  • Increased Sense of Community
  • Motivational Blog Posts
  • Easily Track Weight Measuments
  • Encouraged Users to Form Partnerships
  • Leader-boards to Track Who’s Leading the Pack

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions and enquires you may have.

DeCort Interactive, Inc.

DeCort Interactive, Inc.